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Eurostar connection time?

Hi everyone,

We're scheduled on the Eurostar from Paris arriving at St Pancras at 1039 on 4 July. I realize that King's Cross is connected to St Pancras station. Do we have enough time to catch a 1121 train to York? My understanding is that all of the customs, etc. is done at Gare du Nord; is this correct? Would we be able to just debark at St Pancras and walk directly to King's Cross?

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St. Pancras and Kings Cross are adjacent to each other and separated by a street. However, there is a walkway underneath the street that connects the two facilities. If you need to cross at the street level, that's easy too.

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It is possible to travel from Paris to York on a single ticket, and that is the time allowance made, leaving Paris at 09.13, arriving St Pancras 10.39, leaving Kings Cross at 11.21 and arriving York 13.20.

The advantage of buying a single through ticket is that, if your first train is delayed for any reason, your ticket will be valid on a later one. Through tickets are not yet available for 4th July, but will be soon.

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You could have the same late running protection on separate tickets, if the ticket to York is bought with starting point as London International (CIV) rather than Kings X. The through ticket from Eurostar will often but not always be cheaper than this though.

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Thanks for all the speedy replies!

Unfortunately, the York sidetrip was not planned when we bought the Eurostar tickets, so purchasing a single ticket is no longer an option.

Marco, when I go to the East Coast website to purchase tickets I don't see a "London International (CIV)" option. Is it called something else?

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Not all booking engines sell them - try

They aren't the cheapest tickets for the route because of the flexibility at £50.50. You may prefer to take the risk on a regular advance.