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Eurostar and middle names

I'm going to be on holiday with my family in the UK this summer, and we will be going to Paris for a few days via Eurostar.

I notice there is only a space for first name and last name on the Eurostar website. Our passports have our first, middle, and last name. So, for example, if my name was Edgar Allan Poe... Would I put my first name as "Edgar" or "Edgar Allan"?

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no need for Allan - just Edgar Poe in the respective fields

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It is common in Europe not to have middle names.

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Thanks for the replies. I will omit my middle name.

My second question: does the country of origin selector have any bearing on the booking itself, other than what currency you are charged? It seems it's slightly cheaper to be charged in GBP than USD for me (I'm Canadian). Do I need to have a UK billing address in order to do that?

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The country of origin does not have any bearing; you can buy Eurostar tickets on the official site from anywhere in the world online; the billing address data is link to your credit card company; the credit card company uses the billing address as identification to approve your purchase.