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Eurostar 7 day strike this weekend and Bank Holiday weekend UPDATE

Eurostar (the train through the Channel Tunnel from London to Paris and Brussels and extensions) train Guards will strike this weekend and over the Bank Holiday weekend.

The strike will be from one minute after midnight on the 12th of August until one minute to midnight on 15 August, and for three days over the UK Bank Holiday weekend from the 27th of August.

If I get updates I'll post them here.

There will be pointers on the France and Belgium Forums.


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Ugh! Nigel, does this mean no trains or fewer trains? I have a reservation for Aug. 12, 10:13 am. Paris to London. I will look at the Eurostar website.

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Looking at the Eurostar website is best... sorry, Swan

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This was from the BBC this morning.

What they were saying was that the situation wasn't a total disaster because they also have staff from France and Belgium who won't be striking. Based on previous strikes they "should" be able to provide 3/4 of the normal service.

No idea if this will actually be the the case but the spokesman "seemed" reasonably confident

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UPDATE - A second union has joined for 4 days of the strike.

TSSA will be striking on the 14th and 15th, and the 28th and 29th of August.

So on those 4 days expect there to be even more solid support for the strike.

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Most commuters travel on Mondays and Fridays and have a pied à terre. I expect that most will have revised plans.