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Not euro. The letters in GBP stand for Great Britain Pound. You will not be greeted joyfully if you offer euros. In the same way that my Canadian dollar would be, and is, sniffed at in the USA.

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Don't "take" any foreign currency to England, except possibly £50-200 to get started. Then, get GBP out of ATM's or use your credit cards.

Why would you bring Euros to England? They are of as much use as they are in the US. If you are going to bring cash, bring USD (as back up to exchange if there's a problem) or GBP (which will cost you more to get here, but at least you can spend them directly). If you bring Euros, you have to exchange money to get them, then change them again into GBP to spend them in England. You lose some money with every exchange, so you want to minimize that.

See all of Rick's great money tips here - read all of the links on the page, and you'll be an expert:

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Euros are not legal tender in England, so any that you bring over from France will have to be changed to pounds, with the usual exchange fees or rate penalties that anybody who is not a bank must pay. Instead of taking currency with you, we recommend using your debit card to withdraw local cash from ATMs as you go in Britain and other parts of Europe.

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Thanks everyone. I was coming from a visit to Italy and would be carrying Euros so wasn't sure. Got it now....bring pounds sterling!
Thanks again!

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If you do find yourself with surplus euro notes from earlier on in your visit, you will get almost certainly better value changing them at a forex specialist in London than back in the USA. Of course you may just prefer to keep them for your next trip.