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English Heritage Overseas Visitors Pass--Reciprocity with Wales


The Cadw (Wales Heritage) website states that they "also welcome members of English Heritage, Historic Scotland and Manx Heritage members to Cadw sites on a reduced price or free basis." (

Can anyone clarify if holders of the English Overseas Visitor Pass would get this concession as well? If so, then I don't need to buy the Cadw pass also.

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No personal experience but the terms state: 'The Pass does not include free or reduced price entry to our Associated Attractions.'.

Cadw and Historic Scotland are listed under the Associated Attractions.

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Don't know if this is helpful or not, but National Trust membership does appear to provide reciprocal privileges with properties in Wales.

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The answer should be yes since it’s still an English Heritage pass. The CADW also says,
“HALF-PRICE admission to all English Heritage and Historic Scotland attractions, upgrading to FREE entry if you renew with us next year”

Many CADW locations are free to enter with or without a pass. What I liked about the CADW pass is it was good for a year rather than the 9 or 16 consecutive day period of the English Overseas Heritage pass.

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Thanks, everyone. I think the key is the distinction between "member" and "pass" holder.

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You've cracked it Ellen.

The Heritage Overseas Pass is very different to the English Heritage Membership. This is for a year and in the first year gives 50% reduction on CADW and Historic Scotland properties. In subsequent years you get free reciprocal arrangements with them.

The Overseas Pass gives free admission to properties in England on 9 out of 16 days. It will not give reduced admission to CADW or Historic Scotland properties as you are not a member of English Heritage, but a Pass Holder.

Picking up on Robert's comment - National Trust membership gives free admission to NT properties in Wales BUT not to CADW properties.