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England/Scotland in November

I'm looking to travel to England and Scotland in November. I was wondering if anyone could give me some pros/cons of traveling over there in the fall/winter? I don't really mind the cold. Is the weather that bad over there? Are certain tourist attractions closed? I would appreciate any help/hints/opinions. Thanks!


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I go to London around Thanksgiving and the weather can be lovely or not. I've been able to take a few day trips when the weather has been picture perfect. Other times it's very rainy so those are the days to go to museums and churches. A lot of castles, stately homes and gardens are closed for the winter but most of the major tourist attractions in the cities are open. Just depends on what you want to see and do. Christmas lights and decorations start going up in early to mid-November and they are wonderful to see.

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For me, I can deal with the cold and the wet with clothing, but you can't do anything about the daylight. Check out this link that will tell you how much daylight you have in Edinburgh and this one for London. I am not saying that this should stop you, but you do need to take into account when you plan your trip and you plan your day.

The hours definitely change in November in Scotland. I think that the main attractions in Edinburgh and Glasgow will be open. You'll find that the country castles are not open. That said, I think that many of the Historic Scotland main sites will be open. Check their website. Here's Doune Castle of Monty Python and Outlander fame.


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Pros: You will not encounter the tourist crowds that are present in the summer.
Cons: Many country houses and castles are open May to September, so some of those will be closed. Check their websites before going.
In London, all the main tourist sights will be open, but many adjust their hours. For example, the Tower of London opens at the same time, but closes one hour earlier in the late fall/winter:
No one can say what the weather will be. You will have some days that will be crisp and cool with some sunshine, others that will be pouring down rain. Rainy days in London are perfect for museums, bookstores, or a lengthy afternoon tea.

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By November you may experience at least one frosty night (i.e temperature below 0 Celsius/32Fahrenheit); yet by day it could be mild and sunny. The answer is to bring layers of clothes, including something waterproof and something short-sleeved!

The clocks 'fall' back 1 hour on the last Sat/Sunday of October, and an hour's less evening daylight can make it seem much more wintry all of a sudden.

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I've been in London during end Nov. All the places that I wanted to see were open (museums, Tower of London, side trips to Bath and Cambridge) but with shorter hours due to the shorter days. It would help if you looked up the opening times of what you're interested in specifically, for the rest of the major attractions you shouldn't find any closed doors. Xmas lights and bling in the Oxford St area was a treat! Weather was cold with a spot of wind - layers is the way to go.

I've been in Scotland during mid Mar. Although nothing was closed (shorter hours, yes), Edinburgh's whipping winds made me want to just tuck-in, and it took an effort to step out into the cold each day. Glad you don't mind the cold :)

Either place, I loved the fact that the tourist flow was dwindling down. Nothing beats that if you can put up with the weather. I've dreamed of summer in Europe but now I'm a shoulder season advocate :) Have fun!