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England/Scotland December/January

Our family will be in England from end of December to first of January (two weeks). We will be there for Christmas and New Year. i know this is a rotten time to visit. Can anyone give advice on where to stay and what to do during that time? We are VERY flexible. Will fly into London, but really want to see the countryside and Scotland. We are all history buffs,. Would also appreciate Catholic sights. Should we expect snow? Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you!

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"Should we expect snow? "

Maybe yes............Maybe no, nobody can really tel you with any certainty.

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Be ready to be very flexible, they receive some of their biggest storms then and the snow can be very disruptive.

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There has been severe snow disruption a couple of times in the last few years, but the disruption was because it happens relatively rarely. If there is heavy snow, it is much more likely in January than December. (A "white Christmas" in Britain is very rare.)

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It will get dark early, which will limit what you can see outside in the countryside.
There are websites that gives times for daylight ending in a specific location on specific dates, you can use those for planning how much you can do outside on a given day.