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England , Ireland & the EU - confused :-)

My wife and are were planning a visit to Europe with an initial month encompassing visits to London, Paris & Milan with the final two months in Florence. In my enthusiasm for the moment - I forgot about the 90-day rule and had planned a trip of 132 days.
The three months in Florence can be adjusted to accommodate the rule as I am attending classes that can be modified.
A friend of ours suggested that England and Ireland were NOT in the EU - and - that we could spend a month there without the time counting against the 90-day rule. Is this true?
If this is not true - what other European countries might we visit that are not in the EU?
I apologize for being so uninformed - but I trust my dilemma will be resolved with this inquiry.
Thanking you in advance for bringing yourself to respond after the laughter dies down, I am,

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Thank you for your response - and including access to the previous p[ost.
I see where one of the posts stated that "England & Ireland were not Schengen"
Does that mean the 90 days is not applicable to the time spent in those two countries?


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Does that mean the 90 days is not applicable to the time spent in those two countries?

That is correct!

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The EU and the Schengen Zone are not the same thing, though many countries are in both catergories.

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The 90 day limit has nothing to do with membership in the EU - the European Union.

Both the Ireland and UK - which includes England - are in the EU. Possibly the UK will leave it.

The 90 day limit has everything to do with the Schengen area.

Neither Ireland nor the UK are or have ever been part of the Schengen area.