England in October/November, Weather?

We are looking at planning a trip to London, maybe Dublin, and some of areas in between for this coming fall. Has anyone been there during mid to late fall? Is the weather crap? Wind? Heavy rain? Cold? I know it changes frequently, but we are trying to decide between the Mediterranean or UK, (i LOVE the UK) but dont to waste our time if we are going to be miserable.


Posted by Ed
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Forty-five to fifty-five plus or minus ten either way. Rain's pretty even all year. Sunshine is not unknown.

Nothing a rain jacket and a light fleece won't fix. St Jude's last year was an aberration . . . . until the Cornwall/Devon mess last month - - neither lasted that long.

The crowds have thinned down or almost disappeared.

I've knocked around the UK that time of year for the last two or three years. Miserable never figured into it - - not even inconvenience, and I spend most of my time in the far outsides.

Posted by Terry kathryn
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London, Cotwsolds, Edinburg, in mid Nov. as well as late Dec.... weather was not hot, but surprisingly nice on both trips. I dressed in layers and expected it to be unpleasant weather for being outside, but that never happened, on either trip. Possibly because I set my expectations really low on the weather I was pleasantly surprised when it was sunny and warm a number of days. I much prefer the lack of crowds, and deal with the weather. As far as the Mediterranean at that time of year... this past late Oct/early Nov. I spent there... we had 2 weeks of spectacular weather (75 every day and rain only part of 1 day) .... so take your choice and take your chances... it was crappy weather the week before we arrived.

Posted by Kira
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1) Ed's got the weather nailed.

2) We travel to the UK every year in November or December - by choice and on purpose - because the smaller tourist hordes and the wonderful moody/misty light more than makes up for any perceived unpleasantness of temps.

3) The Med is also lovely at that time of year - can be lovely, that is... can also be cold/wet - so it's basically a toss-up.

4) Please don't rule out the UK based on thinking the weather will be crap!

Posted by megan
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Thanks everyone- we have worked it out that we are doing a quick 3 day trip to London prior to the cruise!! We love London, so we will just be grateful to be there for this quick stop over!