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Email Address for Waterloo-Westminster Bridge Premier Inn

I have been trying for at least two weeks to find an email address for the Waterloo-Westminster Bridge Premier Inn. I've Googled, I've looked on the Premier Inn website, I've contacted Guest Relations via PI's online form (they gave me an invalid email address). I am at my wits' end.

I do not want to take the time right at the moment to figure out a super-cheap VOIP method of calling, and I don't want to pay international rates for what may turn out to be multiple calls. I have three different phone numbers and don't know which, if any, of them is actually correct. And these days I seem to get stuck on hold for a very long time when I call commercial numbers. I just want to email, which also has the virtue of giving me documentation.

Does anyone have a usable email address for that Premier Inn? For any other Premier Inn? If I had a valid email for another of the PIs, I might be able to figure out what to use for Waterloo-Westminster. This is what Guest Relations gave me, which does not work:


This is the text of the bounce-back email I received:

----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors ----- LondonWaterlooWestmisterBridge.PI@PremierInn.Com
(reason: 550 5.4.1 [LondonWaterlooWestmisterBridge.PI@PremierInn.Com]: Recipient address rejected: Access denied [])

----- Transcript of session follows ----- ... while talking to

<<< 550 5.4.1 [LondonWaterlooWestmisterBridge.PI@PremierInn.Com]: Recipient address rejected: Access denied []
550 5.1.1 LondonWaterlooWestmisterBridge.PI@PremierInn.Com... User unknown <<< 503 5.5.2 Need rcpt command []

The Guest Relations response also included this: "the website is referring to the main search where if you look up a hotel their contact information is provided." I do not see any "main search" function on the PI website, just the search one uses when trying to book a room. If there is an email address on that website, it is very difficult to find.

Does anyone have a magic wand that will produce an email address? I will be pathetically grateful if you do.

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You might try sending them a feedback form with your question? There is a box for "I have a question". As there are many Premier Inn locations, I'd ask specifically for the Waterloo/Westminster Bridge email address.

This is interesting, though: appears someone else had the same problem:

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I may see your problem... Westminster

the "n" is missing.

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I've sent you a PM (no, not a Prime Minister)

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Thank you all. The contact form on the website is what I used in the first place, to try to get a direct email address. Incidentally, my experience is that they aren't being particularly conservative when they say to allow 2 weeks for a response, which is seriously annoying.

The purpose for emailing is that I want my two reservations consolidated so there's no possibility we'll end up having to change rooms after the first 9 nights. More important, I want assurance that we will have a room with a bathtub. I'd like to have that in written form in case there's an issue when we show up. Two weeks is a long time for my travel mate not to have the type of bathing facilities she prefers. There is no way to address the tub issue during the reservation process, and to the extent that one can deduce what sort of facilities the Waterloo PI has (it ain't easy from that website, folks), it appears that some rooms do not have tubs. What type of rooms do have tubs? I have no clue. I hoped that my confirmation email would provide an email address for the hotel but it did not. That's a first ever experience for me.

I thank those of you with eagle eyes (Nigel and Chris) for noticing my typo in the email address. It appears that I may well have slandered [oops--I should have said "libeled"] PI's Guest Relations Dept. I had to retype the address because what was sent to me opened a strange log-in screen I didn't want when I tried to copy and paste it. I don't see terribly well, and the type size in the "To" field of my email program is uncomfortably small. I've never figured out to change it. I'm always squinting at it; in this case I should have squinted harder.

It has been 25 minutes since I re-sent the message to the correct email address, and I haven't received a bounce notification yet. It appears that the Forum village may have solved my problem! If so, it will be a great relief.

Emma, I appreciate your offer, but I should be able to handle this myself. I just don't understand why a large corporation like Premier Inn has such an inadequate website.

Thanks again.

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Don't worry too much about having to change rooms mid stay. As long as the room type is the same you won't have a problem. Just tell them when you check in and they will make a note that you are already in house. I do this often.

Exact rooms are not assigned until the morning of arrival or the night before. They are not assigned when the reservation is made.

Staff at check-in are always lovely & willing to help. I arrived several hours early at a Premier Inn last week and not only was I able to check in straight away but the lovely girl on reception let me choose the sort of room I wanted (what floor, front & back etc).

I recommend if at all possible to check in as soon after the official check-in time as possible to maximise your choice of room (note we tend to call it a bath or bath tub rather than just “tub” in Britain - tub makes me think of a barrel of some sort.) I am sure you’ll have no problem consolidating your two bookings.

I honestly think that for Premier Inn it’s almost part of the basic premise that there’s not a lot of pre-care. There’s no concierge, not a lot of back office staff at each hotel. There’s usually a small but very friendly team - the person who checks you in will probably also be on duty in the breakfast room. They’re lovely and helpful ONCE YOU’RE THERE - although of course within the limitations of a budget chain (they won’t come up to your room with a toothbrush if you’ve forgotten one, for eg).