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Elevator/Escalator access to underground - help reading the transport map

I am trying to read the Step-Free transit map on the transport London site and am getting so confused. Part is a 'language 'gap , part is my eyesite.
Anyway- I am trying to identify which stations have level have elevators/escalators from the tube entrance to the platform. They will be in central London doing the main tourist things.
For example- They are staying near the Oxford Circus and Bond St tube stations and will be going to the Churchill War rooms and Parliament (parliament Square). What is the symbol that would show whether those stations have escalators/elevators? they can bot walk and step over the gap. it is distance and stairs that are the issue.

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Diane, I guess you are a US American, your post is using non-(British)-English words: "Elevator" (English: lift), "Transit" (English: public transport).

I take it you are talking about the "step free tube guide", this map:
This map is primarily for wheelchair users.

It is common for a station to have steps down to a concourse at basement level, and then an escalator from there down to a lower concourse from which two different sets of steps lead down to the two platforms for the two directions.
1 set of steps + escalator for the big drop + 1 set of steps. Can your travellers cope with that?
Long walks through corridors can also occur when changing between lines.

The issue is also different lines can be on different levels, so at stations with multiple lines, the situation is different for different lines.

You ask about Parliament. The station is "Westminster". That shows different symbols for the two lines. That is usual as the two lines were built at different periods.

The DLR (twin green lines), and the Jubilee Line (grey) south of Green Park are both "new build" and totally wheelchair accessible.

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If you use the TfL journey planner you can select various accessibility options including step free access, escalators but no stairs, stairs but no escalators etc. However, from Oxford Street Station to Parliament Square is step free on the 88 bus. From Bond Street Station it is just one stop on the Jubilee Line, again for step free access.

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If you are having trouble reading it, it is a pdf and most pdf viewers will allow to zoom in by clicking the plus sign, or zoom out by clicking the minus sign. You see different symbols in one station with multiple lines because the facilities at one line in the station are different to the other.

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I will also suggest that if steps are a challenge, you may find relying on the buses to be a better alternative.

In any case, use the journey planner and click on ”edit preferences” to select step-free access. It will show you the routes by tube and/or bus. The link is here:

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Don't overlook Chris F's reference to long walks. Transfers sometimes seem to take forever.

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ah, ramblin' on, you have stumbled onto one of my hot buttons.

London, like Paris, has just redesigned a whole shed load of central London bus routes - but steadfastly refuses to republish the Central London Bus Guide. Leaving bus users struggling to keep up.

Even though you have linked to the more current version of that map it is still woefully inadequate. Many perfectly good bus routes are simply left off. Who would know, for example, if you wanted to get to Waterloo or Aldwych from Euston (or reverse) that you can not only take the 59 but the 68 and 168 too? People going to Watford Junction for the Harry Potter might like to know that, instead of standing at a stop like a prune waiting for the 59 stuck in traffic and letting 68 after 168 after 68 drive by....

(rant over - steps off orange crate)

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well it is rather colourful and it does say key not comprehensive :)

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Thanks, team. I have Dad using the planner with the least walking and buses as preferences. All good now.

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well it is rather colourful and it does say key not comprehensive :)

I too like that map, and in fact have an A3-size version (from TfL) displayed on the wall in one of our back bedrooms, as it evokes pleasant memories. However, after engaging in a lot of head-scratching over how best to get from Paddington Station (we were staying in Reading) to Camden Town (for the Jewish Museum); or from Paddington Station to Victoria Station – and wanting to take the bus, not the Tube, b/c I prefer buses when possible, & in order to see the city – I eventually discovered that yes, the map shows "key" routes, & is not "comprehensive," & there are direct buses to both of these destinations! (the 27 and 36). And in fact it was the Euston Station/Euston Square transfer mess (I have no mobility concerns, but vision ones ...) that motivated me to look for a direct line via the TfL site. Plus that red bus cheerfully chugging along while the site comes up with your results is awfully cute.