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Elegant Trains Suggestions - London to Scotland?

A fantasy of mine has been to ride a train through the beautiful countryside of Scotland. Maybe others?

Will fly into London - stay a few days then venture out on a sleeper train - "Belmond" I realize very very elegant but very expensive! Are there alternatives to having fine dining as one settles into journal writing and reading a book looking at the beautiful views of the countryside?

Thank you!

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If you want fine dining on a train in Scotland then Belmond's Royal Scotsman is really your only option, but yes it's prices are eye watering.

There are other Charter trains with fine dining come up on day trips from England- but they have to be booked as round trips.

Very, very rarely there are 'land cruise' trains from London with fine dining. When they run they would usually be around £400 to £800 a day- so not cheap, but rather more affordable.

This is a bit hard to read, but is the full list of UK railtours in 2023- plod through it and you will see who typically does multi day Scotland itineraries, then early next year look at their websites for 2024 tours.-

On a normal LNER service train to Inverness or Aberdeen you will get dining, but it certainly isn't fine dining.

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Belmond's Royal Scotsman train was involved in a low speed crash last evening at about 6:30pm in Aviemore station as the Flying Scotsman steam locomotive was being joined to the train, resulting in 2 people being taken to hospital.

No passengers were on at the time. I don't know what if any damage was done to either the passenger coaches or the locomotive.