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Edinburgh to Heathrow

To check or not to check...

A friend thinks she will need to check a bag when returning from EDI to LHR on British Air. Anyone care to venture how much extra time this will use on the London end of things vs. having just carryon?

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None at all assuming the flights are all on one ticket. You might however want to make sure there is a decent time between the two flights to increase the chances of the bag being transferred.
If it's two separate bookings then you will need to collect the bag and re-check it and I would want at least 4 hours for that.

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Just to clarify.....its just the flight between EDI and LHR?

It's hard to tell. It could be 10 minutes it could be an hour. It depends on how busy it is with arriving flights.

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Yes. We have ample time LHR to EDI. But on return to London from EDI, we are meeting others and then have car/driver to take us to Cotswolds. 10 minutes: no problem. An hour?! Ugh!