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Edinburg to Carlisle

We are going to Edinburg in August. After that we will work our way down to Corbridge to check out Hadrian’s Wall. Has anyone taken the train from Edinburg to Carlisle? Is the scenery amazing?


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If I were heading to Corbridge from Edinburgh (note not Edinburg), I would travel via Newcastle not Carlisle as it’s much closer and yes, the train line to Newcastle is scenic. Newcastle itself is also worth exploring.

If your trip is this August, please ensure that all your bookings are flexible, as you may or may not be able to travel here.

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In answer to your question about the scenery, I wouldn't describe it as amazing, hills, a few forests, the line follows a river for quite a way, the Clyde I think. It's usually very murky and damp. Might just be me as I am used to that type of view.
Goes a bit flat and boring as you enter England. Journey only takes about 1.5 hours.
Get used to pronouncing Edinburgh correctly before you go to save winding people up, its Edin-burra.

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Thanks for the responses! Sorry about misspelling Edinburgh. I did know how to pronounce it 😂 We may take the shorter route as I would love to see Newcastle.

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for your last question kencow56, the UK is not one monolithic whole. The 4 nations (Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England) all have different criteria for covid protection and lockdowns/tiers/local restrictions, and they have all got different dates with different actions.

Earlier there were considerations of closing the England/Scotland border.

The absolutely earliest that lockdown restrictions might be removed in England might be the 21st of June, but there will very likely be local restrictions continuing or being reimposed.

The complete answer to your last question is - nobody knows.

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As Nigel said, it’s for their citizens., and it won’t be unto 21st June. They haven’t decided yet if they will allow US citizens, and citizens from other countries to enter the country. IMO August is to early to plan on going over, if you’ve made deposits I hope they are refundable.

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The PM this week has indicated that all adults should be offered their first vaccine by the end of June, which will mean the second vaccine by the end of October, which is earlier than initially planned. Then three weeks to obtain maximum protection, so say late November. No one knows yet, but I think that opening up the U.K. in August to American nationals is highly unlikely, but that’s only my guess.