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EasyJet Flight Gatwick to Lisbon-how early do we need to be at the airport?

We are flying BA Oakland to Gatwick, London. We are overnighting at a nearby hotel and have an EasyJet flight the next morning, Gatwick to Lisbon. Do I need to arrive 2 hours ahead of that flight or more (or less)? Thanks.

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2 hrs is about right, 2.5 to be safe. Easyjet are good, but they take no prisoners... 40mins before departure, checkin/bag drop closes, 20mins before take off, gate closes... No excuses. Check times because been a while since i flew with them, but, if you're late for their cutoffs, You're not flying. Checkin and print your boarding passes before arrival.

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I had and 7AM departure on a Monday morning about.a month ago. I was there about 2 hours early. Self tagging station to check a bag took maybe 10 minutes tops. Security screening was another 15 maybe 20 at most. Left me enough time to grab a coffee and breakfast airside. I never felt anxious or rushed.

FYI Easyjet is in the north terminal.

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Mike J's advice is vital. Go through the on-line procedures for check-in and purchase of "extras" weeks in advance. Otherwise it will cost you dearly And follow their very clear rules to the letter. One cabin bag means ONE, not one plus a purse plus a computer. What's also clear is that they are careful about safety and security and on the whole offer good value for money.

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Check in online well in advance. Be at the airport 1 hr 45 to 2 hrs in advance of your flight, no less.

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Thanks for good advice! We checked in days in advance. We paid for the Speedy Boarding which gave us maybe a little more leg room, but allowed us to carry on two bags and board ahead of everyone else. Plenty of bin space but the smaller bag must go under the seat. Flight attendants were very nice and efficient. Bring a bottle of water or you will be charged for same.