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Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday - April 1 and Monday April 2

Are all sites opened on Easter Sunday and Monday a bank holiday? Sunday I think St Paul and Westminister may be closed for tour but holding services. We are Episcopalian (US/Anglican) can we attend Easter Services and if so do we have to buy tickets in
advance for the Abbey or St Paul's to attend services?

Thank you

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The only things that definitively will be closed in England on Easter Sunday are shops above the size of a convenience store - this is required by law. Monday will be back to normal or maybe a tad later than usual.

The Abbey and St Pauls don't usually charge for access for any worship (*), but I don't know if you need any reservations.

(*) this actually applies at any time they are open for a prayer etc, but this isn't meant for sightseeing.

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While most tourist sites are open, it is always best to check the website of the site you plan to visit to see if they have different holiday hours.

You do not need a ticket to attend a worship service. For example, you can find the services at Westminster Abbey here:

When you attend a service, you only see what is visible from the nave, so if you want to see more, plan to come back for a tour.