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Early Morning Transit

We need to get to Kings Cross for a 6:15 train in a couple weeks. We are staying in the Covent Garden area. Any ideas on how to best get there? I assume a taxi will be the only option, but thought I would see if there are other ideas.

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At that time of day, I would use a taxi. You can use the tube but it is not worth the extra time.

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You are too early to rely on the Tube and comfortably find your platform and make your train. The first northbound Piccadilly Line train from Covent Garden is at 05:53 and the next 10 minutes later. It is only a 5 minute ride but you'd need to be on only the first.

As suggested by others, walk, bus or taxi.

It does make a difference where in the Covent Garden area you are - it is a large area.

Are you heading north towards York or Edinburgh?

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That early in the morning there shouldn't be much congestion on the roads so a bus will be fine. Depending on where in Covent Garden you are, you can walk to either Aldwych or Charing Cross Road for buses to Kings Cross.