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Driving from Lewes to Bath to Cotswolds to LHR

Driving from the Bonfire Night of Lewes. What pretty area would you suggest spending my last four nights in: 6-10 November....Bath for a night, and what else? What scenic route would I take? Is it difficult to get rooms at the last minute, in November? I’m thinking a visit to Stonehenge, maybe a night in Avebury...on to Bath for maybe two nights and then for one night in the Cotswolds. Or, we could do 4 nights in the same lodging and just branch out to see these sites. Any great hotel or B&Bs, quirky taverns, haunted coaching inns? We like the unusual, but wonderful. With great breakfasts!! My friend w me has never been to England, so we’re here for several weeks and these will be our last 4 nights, so we need to end up near LHR on Sunday morning the 10th!!! Thank you one and all! I always love your suggestions! You readers always offer terrific ideas, making travel in the UK exciting and FUN. 🙏

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So you're driving to Bath on the 6th? Expect a pretty long drive from Lewes, and I would avoid taking the route that takes you south of London.
Parking in Bath is not fun, but there are Park and Rides you can use.
I personally would spend 3 nights in one place and then go spend the last night nearer to the airport since you need to be there the next morning. You don't want to make that drive the morning of your flight. I probably wouldn't stay in Bath for 3 nights just due to parking and getting in and out of Bath with a car. I did that for one day on my last trip and quickly gave up on parking and just went back to a P&R and took the bus in.
I highly suggest visiting Lacock and Lacock Abbey one of those days. Avebury another though that does not take up a full day. You can definitely take a little day tour via car in the Cotswolds though the weather may not be great, but don't expect to see much in a day, I'd pick a town or two in the southern part of the Cotswolds and leave it at that. It takes quite a bit of time to get around.
If the Cotswolds can be pushed off the list I would do so just due to the timing and distance.
Wells is a great town worth a solid day as well. The Bishops Palace and Wells Cathedral are worth seeing. Actually, I'd probably spend my 3 nights there maybe.
6th:Lewes -> Wells
7th: Bath, use P&R
8th: Wells/Lacock
9th: Depart Wells, go to Avebury and then head to LHR area for last night at closer hotel.
Even that is pushing it though to see those places.

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I agree you need to sleep near Heathrow the night before your flight. Preferably turn in your car that night -- it can be a real SNAFU if the rental car company has a computer malfunction or a crush of people all trying to return their cars at the same time early in the morning.

From Lewes, I'd follow the coast past Portsmouth and up to Salisbury. Just north of the city of Salisbury is Old Sarum, which has a small car park and gift shop. If you buy an English Heritage overseas membership, it will get you in at Old Sarum and Stonehenge as well as about 100 other sites.

I'd suggest spending two nights in Salisbury and then your two planned nights in Bath. From Salisbury you can do a day's loop to Stonehenge and Avebury, and see some of the Savernake Forest as well as some of the chalk horses in the Marlborough Downs.

I think the Cotswolds are too far out of the way, unless you skipped Bath and went to Cotswolds instead.

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I honestly would go from Bath to Thornbury Castle for a night if they have a room available. I think it would be kinda what you are looking for and then go from there to the Cotswolds for a couple nights, (Stow-on-the-Wold is where I stay) but there are many other great, charming villages around the area.

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I agree with the idea of Thornbury Castle, we enjoyed our stay there, I don't believe in ghosts but you might enjoy believing it's haunted, tonnes of history and you can even sleep in the room where Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn once slept.