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Driving from Brighton to Littlehampton

My Thursday itinerary begins with quick visits to Broadview Gardens and Highdown Gardens (<10:30), then a stop to visit the grounds of Petworth House (11:00), then lunch in Petworth, followed by afternoon visits to Woolbeding Gardens (1:30) and West Dean Gardens (3:00). I plan to end the day with a short visit to Chichester Cathedral and Bishop's Palace Garden (4:30) and stay for the night at the youth hostel in Littlehampton. I know that I need to make an advance booking for Woolbeding Gardens (how far in advance?) and use a shuttle to get there. What other driving situations might I encounter on this day (traffic, detours, parking etc.)?

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As with your previous post, you are trying to cover far too much ground and haven’t allowed enough time to see places or allowed sufficient time to drive to the destinations and park.

I have never heard of the first two gardens that you mention. Petworth House would be rushed in 2.5 hours plus lunch. Parking is in short supply there and you may have to park elsewhere in the town.

The NT website suggests 3 hours parking for Woolbeding. You are planning about an hour there including taking the shuttle. Contact them for tickets.

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However, you are trying to visit too many places in 1 day. I also note that you are around in late September - when most flowers have finished and autumn is setting in.

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You're aiming to visit Petworth House at 11, lunch in Petworth and then visit Woolbeding Gardens at 1:30!

Petworth House deserves at least several hours, it's a large and impressive estate and to only give it an hour or so is seriously shortchanging it. Petworth itself is a lovely village and lunch is best taken at a leisurely pace or have lunch at the house to save a bit of time.

You're also only giving yourself an hour or so at West Dean Gardens. Clearly gardens are your interest but you're giving yourself such short time at the ones you intend to visit it's difficult to see how your interest can be satisfied.

Impossible to say what traffic conditions you might encounter as you haven't stated when you'll be there.

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I'm becoming a tad frustrated.

I want to help but currielw simply doesn't get involved in conversation or answer critical questions. I've looked at the posting history, and with 13 topics only 3 replies.

It is so hard to give decent advice in a vacuum.