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Driving from Bath to London--Seeking input: Stonhenge? Avebury? Or Both?

Hi, I am planning a 14 day trip that begins in Scotland then to York, Bath, and eventually London--On our drive from Bath to London Monday June 3rd I am assessing a stop en route to visit either Stonehenge? Avebury? Or both? I have watched Rick's video covering both sites. I am torn try to decided which to visit or whether to visit both. How much time do you suggest for either of these sites? What about both? Thank you for your help.

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I've been to both multiple times. I am a detail oriented tourer, lolol. I would say I've spent 3-4 hours at Stonehenge and maybe 2 - 3 hours at Avebury depending on weather conditions.

I do see that you want to travel to these places but I might consider dropping the car in Bath and taking the train into London.

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I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer here. Stonehenge is obviously iconic and there is an interesting museum there. Avebury, for me, is the better day out. You can wander freely and touch the stones, whereas Stonehenge is very organised - you get on a bus to the stones, you walk around the stones on a marked path, you get back on the bus. It depends what you think you’d prefer or is more important to you.

I live pretty near both. I’ve been to Stonehenge once and unlikely to go again, whereas I’ve been to Avebury multiple times.

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Thank you Pam & Helen!!! Both comments so helpful--Health & Peace to you both!

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If possible, do both. While they are similar, they are also vastly different. Shonehenge will be more crowded, but is quite unique. Avebury is more like many stone circles, but huge compared to most. If memory serves correctly, there's a pub there for a quiet lunch.

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I would recommend Avebury as you are able to get up close and wonder around—at least you were 10 years ago.

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First suggestion is to visit both as they are not the same.

As others have said, Stonehenge is the better known and more crowded. There is also the museum to spend some time visiting. (There is a wall of quotes about Stonehenge in the museum. One is by a fictional character. See if you can find it.)

Averbury is much more "hands on." Literally. The stones are also smaller and spread out.

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I’d do both and also the previosly mentioned West Kennet Long Barrow. Most likely you will be the only one there.