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Domestic Flight Prior to International Flight - At which point Is Covid Documentation Checked?

I have a domestic flight from Atlanta to Charlotte, then an international flight from Charlotte to Heathrow. Both flights are American and on the same booking. At what point will my Covid documentation/passport, etc. be Atlanta or Charlotte? I'm a little concerned if Charlotte, because I only have 95 minutes between flights. Thanks!

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We had our COVID documentation checked both times - at the point of initial check-in as well as at the gate for the onward international flight. Our travel was on United/Austrian, but I don't think it matters.

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When we flew- it was just the originating Airport (for us Minneapolis). Our connection at JFK did not check. They just mentioned to make sure we had everything in place as we were getting on the plane. On your connection since they are both American, it seems like worst case would be they check again at the gate, since you are already checked in. But that won't matter since you are boarding the plane.

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On Delta, I printed out my boarding passes at home. At the connecting flight gate they called us up for a check of our passports. I believe that also looked at our CDC card, but I am not positive. We were flying to Iceland and neither a vaccination or testing was required to enter the country.

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Download American's VeriFly app. You input all your information then all you need to do is show the app which has already verified everything. Saves time and you don't need to look for all your paperwork, just passport. Of course if you are like me you will still have a hard copy backup.

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For me, they checked at both. They checked a little more carefully at the second departure, the actual trans-Atlantic flight.

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I checked in yesterday at the Delta counter at GSP (Greenville-Spartanburg, SC) for a flight to Atlanta and on to Frankfurt. The ticket agent examined/scanned my passport, examined my vaccine card, and asked if I had a negative COVID-19 test. Germany says you don't need one unless you are unvaccinated, but I got one anyway as a good global citizen. The ticket counter agent said it was unclear from his computer whether my statement was true, so I showed my negative COVID-19 test.

In Atlanta, the gate agent looked only at my passport as I boarded.

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Thanks everyone. Sounds like I’ll be good so long as my 1st flight isn’t delayed.