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Dishoom was one of a number of restaurants we had planned to visit during our now (alas) cancelled March/April tour of Madrid, Paris, London, and Devizes. As a small consolation, we purchased the Dishoom cookbook online and it has finally arrived. My question for y'all is this: what are your favorite Dishoom dishes? We have the house black daal in our sights--what other Dishoom specialties should we try to cook?

Stay safe, all!

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Dishoom is a favorite of ours and I purchased the cookbook. I have not done any of the recipes as of yet, but I sure enjoy reading the book! The recipes do look hard and right now, many of the ingredients are not available to me.

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As a bacon naan addict, I’m now also addicted to the tomato-chili jam that’s served on the naan. Easy to make, easy to find ingredients, and great with sandwiches, omelets, burgers, etc. Now a staple condiment in my refrigerator.