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Discount cards for London/Southern UK

I will be in the UK for 3 weeks in Sept. First 4 days, London, then a, 8 day cruise, then a roughly 10 day driving tour of southern UK (Cornwall/Devon/Cotswalds). We already have 3 day London GO cards, Overseas Visitor Heritage passes, Buckingham, and Highclere passes.

Just found out about the Taste of UK card . Looks like it would cost me £1 for the duration of my trip and give 50% off or 2for1 on many London restaurants. Has anyone used that card? Seems like a pretty diverse list of restaurants and not just fast food/chains.

Any other discount cards out there that anyone suggests?

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What is a GO card? I'm a local and have never heard of it.

Taste Cards get mixed reviews with my friends - I've never had a use that fit it.

But for a Pound, how far wrong could you go? Just be sure that you get value for money, even at 2 for 1, and that it is valid when you want to use it. Half off a very expensive meal could cost more than two moderate or inexpensive meals elsewhere. Just do your homework.

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Sorry, London Pass, not go. :/
Getting my stuff mixed up.

Yeah, even if I use the Taste card twice, it should pay for itself. Just have to make sure it gets cancelled before they auto renew it. I will be staying at the Motel One near London Tower the first 4 days and there are quite a few options near there to use it.