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dicey not to reserve rooms in mid-September?

My husband and I are traveling to Scotland/England in mid-September. We are renting a car for the full trip (other than London). We plan to book a room in Edinburugh (where we fly in), York, Bath and London. There are three nights, however, when we will be on our way to Bath from York, via a Wales "detour." We are thinking of not booking rooms ahead of time as we drive through Wales and down through the Cotswolds so we can spend more time in the places we are enjoying more. Is this reasonable or are we setting ourselves up for frustration trying to find a room each of those nights?

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I wouldn't do it any other way. Never have. Never will. Anytime.

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Check to see if there are any festivals or events in the places that you want to visit. If there are, then you should reserve. If you are flexible, and can stay in the next town over, or don't mind schlepping down the hall to the bathroom, then don't worry about it. I've managed to find single rooms in Scotland at that time of year. Doubles are much easier. Just watch for any festivals on weekends.


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I'm paranoid enough to commit myself one day ahead. I.e., I'll book tomorrow's place sometime this afternoon. It's a tradeoff between the liberty of going where and when I choose versus showing up somewhere at 7pm and finding everything booked. Yes, I do have to be somewhere specific. But, I don't have to show up early enough to look for a room, which I hate doing.

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I have gone to Wales in the middle of summer without reservations and had no problem finding a room. Also, there are lots of towns in the Cotswolds, so if one town is completely booked (probably unlikely) with a car you can just drive to the next town.