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Devon trip report

Hi all,

A quick summary while I sit on our last night in Devon :) Special thanks to Sabrina for your help!

Stats: Family of 4 (two adults, one 4 year old and an 8 month old)

Friday: Took the train from Paddington, arrived in Plymouth, picked up rental car from station. Drove to our apartment (Colmer estates, fantastic spot!). The drive was insane- we felt like we were in a maze and feared for our lives :/ luckily a convenience/grocery store was next door, so picked up some basics and settled in

Saturday: the whole reason for our trip- a wedding :) it was great and so fun to wear fascinators and see all the English traditions

Sunday: recovery day. We stuck close to home and explore Colmer Estates- walled playground, indoor and outdoor pools, fishing pond, gardens. Such a great spot!

Monday: we took the south Devon railway- a 30 minute drive from Buckfastleigh into Totnes.

We fell in love with Charity shops :) and the Totnes Castle was great. We also had lunch in a traditional English pub

Tuesday: we drove to Ivybridge, shopped, got some groceries and found a playground in the morning. After naps we drove to Kingsbridge and did some shopping and my husband picked up some fishing gear

Wednesday: day trip to Dartmouth- such a cool town! I found an original watercolour for $3 pounds in a salvage shop :)

We took the ferry aka small little boat to the Dartmouth Castle, where we had lunch and toured. Loved he history and authenticity

Thursday: a day of mishaps. Our rental refused to go in reverse (big problem out here) so our morning was spent dealing with AA and lining up a replacement- and of course the tow left with our apartment keys :( luckily we got them back and a new car delivered. That afternoon we went to the River Dart in Dartmoor National Park. They had some fun activities for all ages- we hit a downpour (was not our day) but hung in the cafe and then had some wet fun.

Friday- train from Plymouth to Gatwick to head home :(

Overall thoughts:

  • we loved the Devon area. The people were friendly, things were cheaper and it was a nice change of pace after London

  • driving was beyond stressful, with the tall shrubs and narrow roads, added to everything on the wrong side for us

  • we came in way under budget, even eating out quite regularly.

  • In a week we spent $75 pounds on attractions and parking, and $230 pounds on food. I was so worried about our food budget but it really wasn't that bad.

I hope this helps others in planning trips :)

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That’s an interesting report. I would suggest that others reading this who are concerned about driving should look at the roads on Google Streetview.

It is a pity that you did not nip down to Salcombe when you were at Kingsbridge.