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Day trip from London to Haworth (Bronte Museum)

I may receive a grant from work to visit England. I would only have a week and would be staying in London. One trip I really want to take is to the Bronte Museum. Is it possible to get there in a day and have time to visit the museum for any length of time and get back the same day? My trip would be from June 26-July 4, 2017. Is it worth it? I am a HUGE Bronte fan!

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Thank you! I'm still considering it. Would the train ride provide a nice view of northern England?

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As a huge Bronte fan, you should certainly go where your enthusiasm takes you. However, the view from the train isn't necessarily the most scenic.

Be sure to check the Bronte Museum's hours of opening for the day you plan to go, on the unlikely chance that they'd have some special event or be in the midst of changing exhibitions or something. If it were me, I'd even call them on the phone and explain that I'd be taking the train all the way from London just to visit their museum. If you get a helpful person on the phone they might give you some tips for any landmarks to watch for on the train, recommend a good place in Haworth to have lunch, etc.