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Currency exchange

Any tips for buying currency cheap prior to leaving the states? In the past I have used Thomas Cook and also purchased online thru Wells Fargo.

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Please use the search box above and read some of the zillions of recent posts on this subject. Short answer, the best, cheapest, easiest thing to do is to use your regular ATM card to withdraw cash when you arrive at your destination. If you prefer to have a little cash in your pocket before leaving, you can exchange a little at the airport or order a little in advance. But in general, it's cheaper just to wait till you get there.

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If you get any cash before you go, then you would normally keep it a small amount, with the plan to use ATMs in Europe for most cash needs. If you know anyone who has 20 euros lying around, then that may be enough. See an overview of tips at They will point you in the same direction as the advice above and other forum discussions.

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Cash currency exchange from a specialist bureau in London can beat many card charges and is very much less than the extortionately high fees charged by banks for cash forex in the USA. Nevertheless the ATM route is likely to be the cheapest for most and more convenient and you don't want to be carrying loads of USD really.