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Cross Post from Transportation Heathrow connection

I know I have seen this covered before but cannot find the discussion with search.
We are arriving Terminal 5 from US at Heathrow. We have a connecting flight to Manchester leaving Terminal 5. It appears to be on one ticket as I only have one Trip Confirmation Number and all flights are listed on my booking page.
I got on the BA page and found instructions "Terminal 5 to Terminal 5 Arriving on international flight" Minimum connection time: Approx 60 minutes. (We have a fat 90 minutes)
This page indicates that we follow purple signs for Flight Connections on leaving the aircraft. If connecting to a UK domestic flight : Security staff will check our passport and take our facial biometric picture. Please then go to the designated UK and Republic of Ireland lane before Security.
AFTER that lengthy lead in the question(s)
I assume then I can through check my baggage from our airport of origin in the US to our final destination, Manchester, and pick
up upon deplaning there. In which case we do the walk through customs after picking up our bags in Manchester.
It also appears that we don't have to do the Immigration line that we usually do at Heathrow. Do we then do it at Manchester?
I am having some anxiety over this. I realize that BA will have to find another flight for us if we don't make our onward flight since they did the booking.
I guess I am just looking for affirmation that I am reading this correctly and that everything will go as planned and we will find ourselves whisked to Manchester in a timely fashion with no muss or fuss. (LOL)
Thank you for reading this if you have gotten this far. Look forward to some input.

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Please check my reply in the transportation post.

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Immigration/Border Control is for people; Customs is for things.

Immigration at point of entry to the UK (Heathrow). If they let you in, take flight to Manchester.

At Manchester collect bags and walk through customs (unless you are bringing items you need to declare: guns, drugs etc.).

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You will be fine. Follow the signs for Flight Connections. Since you arrive and depart from T5, you should have minimal issues. Since your flights are on one ticket, your luggage will be checked to your final destination (in this case, Manchester). 90 minutes staying in T5 is good. I usually plan for 90 when doing the T3 to T5 shuffle. You will go through an immigration process (passport check and security line) in T5 at London.

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Thank you everyone. You have put my little planners mind at ease.