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Credit Card/ Debit Card Question

Hi Everyone,

I have a question regarding using credit cards and debit cards in London.

I called my credit card company and they said that the card I have has a Chip and that I can use that card at places in Europe without needing a pin number for it. To just say that the card is a chip/signature card, and it should be fine. Does this sound right? I don't want to arrive in Europe and then find out that I really did need a pin in order to use it.

Also, if my Debit card does not have a "chip" in it, will I still be able to use at the machines at Heathrow to get my ticket for the Heathrow Connect?

Thank you. This is my first time to Europe so all of this is very new to me. We leave in September, so I'm trying to get everything figured out now. Thanks again!

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If England is the same as Spain, you can use the card at an ATM machine and get a daily amount of cash..there is a limit. So, I get some each day and use that most of the time...Euros, not cash of course. And, then use the card at the hotel, restaurant, etc., if I wish.

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Your cards will work in any ATM machine (well sometimes a particular machine may not work, just move on to another in that case). No chip is required.

Your debit card may not work for purchases and it is not a good idea to try and use it that way when abroad (the safety net for fraud is different and you really don't want your checking account drained for a couple weeks while the banks work it all out).

Your chip and signature credit card will work anywhere with an attendant. It should automatically spit out a receipt to sign. If asked for a PIN, just tell them it must be signed and they'll manually have it print out a receipt. It MIGHT work in unmanned kiosks, but there is no way to tell beforehand. Different machines have different validation protocols and sometimes you can use it without the PIN.