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Covid protocols for Heathrow for day rooms at hotels

I know this can change week by week but I have an 8 hour layover at Heathrow in June. I'd like to do a day room but with covid protocols it seems like it may be dangerous or futile. Anyone have any experiences? I was looking at the Sofitel at Terminal 5.

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No one can tell what the rules will be in June.

As of February 11, vaccinated travelers need only fill out a passenger locater form to enter England. You will have to show proof of vaccination to the airline. (Your CDC card.) If the form takes five minutes, you're reading slowly.

Does the Sofitel offer day rooms? I've stayed numerous times but never inquired about day rooms.

If day rooms don't work out, my suggestion is to pay for lounge access if you aren't entitled to it by your ticket or airline status.

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I would also suggest buying a day pass for the airline lounge if you don't get it as a benefit. I have only been to the AA lounge at Heathrow when I once flew business class. It has a quiet room, free food, drinks, and very nice showers (spa like). I have stayed at the Sofitel but I don't think they do a day rate. You can always email and ask - they do have the best comfy beds for sure.

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Sofitel LHR offers such great customer service so I would contact them directly to find out the answer to your questions. They were amazing when I became very ill at this hotel. Above and beyond service!

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Hi folks- I am flying business class so I have lounge access. And I have already spoken with Sofitel and they do have day rooms. But they were the ones who cautioned me to talk to immigration in the UK about the covid situation. Given the length of the layover, and the fact that I need to wear a mask in public due to health issues, I thought a hotel room would be a welcome break. I was curious if anyone had a long layover at Heathrow and gone in and out and what the covid testing protocols are. I am vaxxed and boosted and will undoubtedly have a second booster before June.

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I have never used the Delta Heathrow lounge, I understand we would use the Virgin Atlantic lounge. Is that a large comfortable lounge?

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I'm not exactly sure what you're asking.

With effect from 11 Feb, no covid test will be required to enter the UK if you're vaccinated.

Requirements to wear masks have been lifted in virtually all public spaces ( London Underground excepted).

No one will be wearing masks in June.

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WIth 8 hours, by the time you get off the airplane and to the Sofitel and then back for your flight out, you'd might have 6 hrs. Most mask mandates have been lifted in the UK. If it's me, I look at a lounge. Most have showers for you to freshen up - you can check your airline's website for what lounges are/will be open (most are reopening now). None of us can predict what June will bring, but if things stay much as they are, I suspect there will be very little mask wearing by June excepting perhaps public transport.