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This is wonderful Bob! Thanks for sharing. Maybe, just maybe, this time will show people how overrated city life actually is... and I say that as somebody who loves living in big cities.

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What a nice piece.

It reminds me to get out of my town into the nearby villages for my allowed exercise.

I saw the other day a cafe in a near village had a queue for their take-away lunch.

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mebbe the rain will slow the clots down from their idiocy

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Bob, A lovely piece! Makes me nostalgic for our trip to that area last May, which now seems about a decade ago.

We live in a small, coastal, tourist-oriented town and it is beautifully peaceful at this time when our population of less-than-10,000 does not swell to 30,000~ on a nice weekend. Sadly, many businesses will fail as they are oriented to the tourists so we will not emerge unscathed.

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A very nice piece, Bob, and thanks for bringing it to attention!

ianandjulie, some of the same reasons why tourism is currently unwelcome in Yorkshire's beautiful locations are why our National Parks, monuments, seashores and whatnot have been closed. It's sad that some people cannot seem to understand why it's necessary for the safety of locals, staff (few enough of them as it is), and other visitors.

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Nigel - it does look (my research is from looking out of the window) like foot traffic is down locally and Malham Cove in a rainstorm (previous personal experience!) is usually pretty quiet!

Kathy - it’s a sensible precaution to close down these areas, in our neck of the woods because hill farmers can’t afford to be ill and/or hospitalised. Plus the village residents don’t want visitors from large urban conurbations to risk unknowingly spreading the disease amongst them.

Of course, just on the photographic evidence I’ve seen and the testimony from the police officers those visiting the local beauty spots are the type you wouldn’t want to visit even if times were normal. I would like nothing better than to jump in my car and go hiking, in my experience it is the ideal thing to do as on most of the routes I take, you barely see another soul, so ideal social distancing, but I have respect for the local residents and realise that staying at home now for a while will make it all the quicker for all of us to get back out there.

In other matters, Julie has rebooked our Trip on the Camino de Santiago for 2021. I try to remain optimistic and travel hopefully. And I like to have something to look forward to.

Hope everybody is safe and well. These are indeed very strange times.


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Lovely piece. Thank you Bob. We've spent some time around this area and stayed near the smaller towns. It brings back some wonderful memories. I think this will be a reminder for all of us to support the local/smaller businesses. We live in a smaller city and are blessed with the ability to avoid major crowds in either shops or when walking.