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Cotswolds Self Guided Tour…..6 nights - 5 days

My wife and I are planning a self guided hiking trip to the Cotswolds in September, 6 nights and 5 days. We are looking for any packing tips for that many days hiking as well as spending 3 days in London before the trip. We are limited to 1 suitcase each and are staying overnight for 2 nights in 3 separate locations while hiking. Want to ensure we have appropriate hiking gear yet include some dressier clothes for our time in London. How did you find the attire for dining in the Cotswolds ?
We love the RS forum and the insights into so many places and topics.

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The Cotswolds and London are like anywhere on the planet - there are casual cafes and pubs where anything goes clothes wise and there are fancy high end restaurants with dress codes - jackets, ties, no jeans or trainers etc and anything in between.

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Bring a waterproof rain jacket with a hood. The last time I hiked in the area was mid-late Sept a few years ago and it was pretty wet. I'd also recommend waterproof hiking shoes. I wear low-cut hikers, no need for big boots in my opinion.

I was with a Road Scholar group and like with the Rick Steves groups, most people went to dinner directly from their daily sightseeing/hiking activities with no problem.

I'll add that I wear the same things in London. I'm not one to dress up and I have horrible feet so wear the same Altra zero-drop athletic shoes for sightseeing in London or Paris as for hiking in the Cotswolds or Scotland or the US Mountain West. How many dressy events are you going to in London?

I wear Lands End Tee shirts, with an option of a Dri-fit quarter zip layer over that. For pants, I wear either travel pants I got at Costco a few years ago or jeans. Yes, sigh....I wear jeans hiking and in London. Mine are cotton/poly blend so they will dry overnight.

For 9 nights I'd take 3 shirts and probably would take 3 pr of pants including what I wear on the plane. I'd have 1 Drifit LS shirt, plus the waterproof jacket. If you need something dressy, I'd take 1 dressy shirt, 1 dressy pr of pants, and if you are a woman, a light pair of ballet flats that will pack down.

Enjoy your time!

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Thanks Pam…… Have the rain jacket and waterproof hiking shoes on our list…

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"We are limited to 1 suitcase each and are staying overnight for 2 nights in 3 separate locations while hiking."

If you will be hiking from one location to another while you are moving your lodgings, I suggest using backpacks instead of suitcases.

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Thanks Rebecca….Fortunately, the tour company will be transporting our suitcases….

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Definitely be prepared for rain while hiking. I also found that I wore my hiking boots in London as it was rainy there, and they worked well on the cobblestones. I might have had one pair of pants that were casual but looked a little better, and I wore those in London. I did wear a dress to a show in London, but it definitely was not necessary. It was the last time I took a dress to Europe.

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Walking in rain I've found my pants get awfully wet below the knees. I find rain pants a hassle, so have looked for an extra-long raincoat. Not just for hiking, but even at home taking the dog out for a 10-minute walk when it's raining, a long outer layer really helps.

Bought one from LL Bean (I think it only came in men's) a couple of years ago; they now offer this one

I wasn't previously familiar with the Coofandy brand, but I bought one and it is not only affordable but also GOOD and long!

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Link to Contours Walking Holiday packing list:

I would add:
Hut shoes (light weight trainers/fitness shoes) that are dry and comfortable for post walking
Spare dry socks for mid-day change on wet days
Waterproof map case
Gaiters to seal your water proof overpants
I would "bold" the drysack for you day bag. Waterproof pack covers don't work in high wind days

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"Fortunately, the tour company will be transporting our suitcases…."

I would just add a few items to take.
Gloves, first aid kit, sunglasses.

Have a great trip.