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Cotswolds & London w/86 yo mom

My daughter, my 60ish sister and I are taking my 86 yo mom for a bucket list trip in April! We arrive at Heathrow Easter morning & head straight to Chipping Campden by car for 3 nights. Then back to London for 5 nights (4 days). My mom is pretty active but limited stamina.
I’d love some thoughts on easy access but quintessential “English” sights/activities in the Cotswolds for mom. I’ve visited before but focused on walking. She likes gardening and when asked said she wants to go to some small cozy pubs (not fancy food). Suggestions?
Also she’d maybe like to see a fancy house & gardens :-))). Possibilities are Hidcote, Chastleton, Batsford, Sezincote or Bourton House but would love to hear from people who have been there.
Thanks for your thoughts!

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Hidcote ( National Property ) Chipping Campden

Kew Gardens
Richmond Park visit the Isabella Plantation
Queen Mary’s Rose garden in Regents Park
Near St Paul’s Cathedral is the Postman’s Garden

I found the garden center at Syon House pleasant.

Small cozy London pubs:
The Dove Hammersmith ( on the Thames )
Churchill Arms ( Kensington, its covered with flowers)
Two Chairman ( by St James Park )
The Dickens Inn ( St Katherine Docks )

Consider taking your mother to afternoon tea at Fortum and Mason …. Not cheap but a memorable “treat”.

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Another vote for Afternoon Tea at Fortnum & Mason. It’s exquisite, fun and memorable. Worth every £.

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I’m not particularly into gardening but Hidcote is fabulous. It’s all about the gardens there rather than the house which I think is only used as a tearoom and toilets. There are so many traditional pubs in the Cotswolds. I’d just do a bit of a Google search near where you’ll be.

Blenheim would tick the box for a fancy house and gardens combo.

London is quite tough for anyone with restricted mobility. Don’t be afraid to get a few Ubers to make things easier for yourselves. Buses require less walking than the Tube. Some of the stations are huge and it can be a long way from the entrance to your train. Don’t plan to do too much. Go slow and add in plenty of coffee stops. Would your Mom enjoy the theatre?

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Snowshill Manor is is a superb position on the escarpment of the Cotswolds with a diverse collection of all sorts of things in the house
Outside is the Snowshill Arms pubs belonging to the local brewery Donnington
See for information of this and their other pubs

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Thank you for your suggestions!

We’d thought about Blenheim but it just seemed too big. Hidcote and Snowshill looks about the right size and the Snowshill Arms looks cozy and with good ale 🍺. I’m making a list of locally owned pubs 😁. We’ll probably wander through the market in Morton-on-Marsh on Tuesday or Cirencester market on Monday.

I love the small gardens in London and the pub list. We’re only planning one or two activities a day in the city - although my daughter will probably go off for more! One matinee on Saturday, one day Tower of London and boat ride to Westminster; some version of the changing of the guard; St Paul’s, V&A, and checking out bookshops on Cecil Court.

Thanks for your suggestions.
I’m still open to more!