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Cotswolds in the Fall?

Has anyone visited the Cotswolds in the fall? Thoughts? We are thinking of going for 1 week in early October.

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I've been there in the fall (late Sept./early Oct) and found it quite pleasant, but that was almost 30 years ago. That said, I do think autumn in the UK is always a lovely idea and it can be a nice experience. Keep in mind that you can never predict the weather this far ahead, and it can be changable

Also, other times have their pitfalls. Even beautiful spring was pretty soggy this year. I was in England from mid-March to late April, and there was a LOT of rain. It did not hinder my enjoyment, but it did make driving difficult at times. Either way, England is a beautiful country, rain or shine, so I'm sure you would not be disappointed.

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My travel month is November. Last UK Fall visit was in 2021. Was there in 2022 for Wimbledon.

Stayed in the Richmond/North Sheen neighborhood for nearly a month.

Cotswolds were lovely. Fall colors were everywhere. Have great images from a day where I traveled from Richmond to see the Crystal Park Dinosaurs. A clear blue sky coupled with orange, yellow, red foliage made for some lovely iPhone pictures.

If given the opportunity to visit in October I’d go.

EDIT: I love pub grub. Soups and stews which, if weather has chilled, are a great way to warm up. Had great sage and pumpkin soup at the Dove in Hammersmith one year.

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Remember that you will have shorter daylight hours in October. Some of the sites may be closed for the season or have have fewer show days and visiting hours. Of course, that is why there are a lot of Pubs where you can tuck in for the evening! Just dress in layers and wear water resistant footwear. We sometimes bought Deli food and retired to our accomodations, put our feet up and watched TV! Bon Voyage!

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Early October will be ok. It’s not yet getting very cold and dark and the tourist season is still going so nothing will be shut yet. The end of October is traditionally the end of the tourist season when anything which closes for winter will shut up shop.

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We were in the Cotswolds in early October 2011. Turned out to be the hottest October on record for the UK, but we still had a great time. Hiked a little, visited pubs, and just generally enjoyed being in England.

For comparison, we just revisited in July 2023, and it was very rainy, but we still had a great time doing pretty much the same things, though this time we hiked a lot. As long as you bring things you can layer with something waterproof for the top layer, you should be prepared for whatever weather occurs.