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Cotswold Festival of Steam - Gloucestershire Warsickshire Railway

Hello, I am traveling to the Cotswolds and was interested in riding the train at Broadway. The Costwolds Festival of Steam will take place the weekend I am there and I am having trouble finding details about this event. I'd appreciate anyone who can answer any of my questions.

Does this festival have other activities taking place besides the special train rides?
How long do the full-length round-trip vs the shorter rides take?
How much time should I allocate for this event?

I love scenic train rides but I'm also not a huge train aficionado so I don't need to check out the different types of trains. I was hoping to squeeze Broadway, Snowhill, and Chipping Camden in one day.

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This is more about it- including timetables for each day-

It looks like they are only doing one day tickets at £35 which would be a lot of money, to me, for just a short ride. Normal station to station tickets seem to not be available. The idea seems to be that you spend most of the day there.

Only you know if £35 is a worthwhile investment to you.

These would be the normal fares for station to station trips- by my reading not available that day-

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This is a special gala put on by the railway. It will have more train services running than usual and there will be other events at the different stations. Gala events can be very popular and trains can be a lot busier than usual, especially if they have visiting locos which steam fans want to ride behind. If you are only wanting to make a short ride it will work out expensive. They are designed to attract people who are going to make multiple trip and spend the whole day at the railway. They are also a good way of station hopping as there will be more services running.

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If you do decide to go, do come back and tell us about it!