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Cotswold cottage

Two friends and I would like to rent a cottage in the Cotswolds for two weeks. Question...where much? We want a picturesque town that has convenient public transportation, not too big or too small or too expensive. Any ideas ? We plan to relax and walk a lot but don't want to get bloated.

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If you Google Cotswold Cottage Rentals you will get a ton of sites providing the information you need. Also look at the National Trust website; they rent cottages/flats/houses on many of their properties.

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We stayed in Broadway and it was absolutely perfect in so many ways. It was so perfect I would HIGHLY encourage you to stay there. We rented a cottage for about $100/ night (2 bedroom/ 2 bath/ fully equipt/ large garden backyard w/ stream) a five minute walk to the center of town. Town had a Budgen's grocery store, which alot of the smaller towns around us did not have, and it is sooo convenient to have this minutes away. There were lots of places to eat with extended evening hours + weekends, which in the small towns, alot of pubs are open for lunch then close down... which means for dinner you're heading to a larger town, i.e. Broadway. Lots of shopping, public library to check in for your return flight, etc. And then the hiking... we left a piece of our souls in those hills above broadway... absolutely surreal in their beauty. We hiked up the hills through sheep pastures and at one point sat down to take it all in. We looked around and realized there wasn't a modern thing in sight... no airplane trails, no towering electrical poles, no distant engine sounds. If we were transported to 500 years ago nothing would be different. Just the bleating of lambs and the wisper of wind through these beautiful ancient Oak trees surrounding us. And this was 20 minutes walk from the center of Broadway. Another MUST-DO in this area is Hidcote Gardens... heaven on earth!

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I would echo theNational Trust Cottages recommendation. Their rentals are one-of-a-kind and often extremely picturesque...if you are able to secure one it will make for a very memorable trip. They have rentals at all price-points and you should be able to find something that will fit your vision! Just type "Cotswolds" in the location box and you'll get nice results.