A while back in this forum someone mentioned a B&B in the Cotswolds run by a lady who also owned a riding stable close-by. Horse back riding classes were available. Iam trying to find the name of the B&B but cannot locate it. Please, help. Thanks.

Posted by Gladys
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Thank you!!! That is the one I wanted!!! Would it be possible for you to send me a private message upon your return? We would really appreciate it. Specifically, would like to know if it is suitable for children---5years old.
Thanks, Gladys

Posted by Kent
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We enjoyed The Vine some years ago.
Regarding your question about suitability for a 5 year old, on The Vine's website (under Terms) it says:
"Children: are welcome if supervised. Family room available. Cots available on request."
This is a lodging where there are horses nearby. Some of the guests are horse people. There were no children around when we were there, but that was only for a couple of days.
Apparently they will give horse riding lessons to children.