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Cornwall- Tintagel, Port Isaac.


In May 2018, We are driving from LHR to Bath and then Bath to Cornwall. Has anyone been to Tintagel Castle and if so, what is the minimum amount of time to spend at Tintagel Castle. Is there any places anyone can recommend to eat in Port Isaac and any "must sees" in that area? Thank you in advance for your help

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There is not much to Tintagel Castle itself.......mostly ruins, but a beautiful coastal view. I was on a walking/hiking trip for a week in Cornwall and we stopped there briefly to take photos . Do a google search on Tintagel Castle and you will see some lovely views of the coast, cliffs and ruins.

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You can easily see everything there is to see in 30 - 45 minutes. There is very little left of the castle itself but it is a beautiful setting!

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I spent a couple of hours at Tintagel with my young boys. There's not much left of the castle but the setting is fantastic, climbing cliff trails and exploring caves, definitely one of my favourite parts of Cornwall however not everyone feels the same and some people's expectations are clearly higher than the reality.

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Will you be staying in Port Isaac or just stopping by for a look? What meal or meals would you be having there?

We spent two nights there a few years back and dined out twice, but I cannot remember the names of the restaurants or locate them for n satellite view. One may have been the Slipway Cafe but recent reviews are terrible. I suspect that much of the competition has been eliminated by the two Outlaw's restaurants, which arrived after we were there. The main restaurant is too high-priced for our taste, but I would give the Outlaw Fish Kitchen a try.

We were told by our B and B hostess that Joe Absolom ( Al Large) is a partner in one of the restaurants but of course I cannot remember which. Joe moved his family to the area; he likes it that much.