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Contactless London Transport: How to do it??

I want to buy a 7-day travelplan for unlimited travel on overground, bus, etc., and I want to use a contactless method (on my IPhone). I can't figure out how to do that remotely. Has anyone accomplished that?
Maybe I can do this at the Heathrow tube station.

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If you use contactless payment rather than an Oyster card you don't buy a 7 day travelcard. Instead your pay as you go charge is capped at the daily rate and a weekly one based on Monday - Sunday usage.

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You just use your card or phone to tap in and out. Or just in on the buses. Forget the travel card.

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It's for you to do the math for what works best personally for your travel plans.
For Zones 1 and 2 (where you will spend most, or maybe all) your time a contactless weekly cap of £40.70 only works on a Monday to Sunday basis, otherwise it is £8.10 a day.
Otherwise you can have a weekly travelcard for any 7 day period- of £40.70.
Day 1 and the last day may or may not work out to be cheaper just as single contactless fares LHR to Hotel and reverse, then do the daily contactless caps for the full days you are there.