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considering a trip to London and elsewhere for 17 days

I am going to London next May 2017 and would like to go to other countries. Any suggestions what else would make sense ... south of France, Scandinavia, Iceland, Istanbul, etc. have already been to many other countries: Spain, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Hungary, Austria, Greece. Suggestions - itinerary helpful, too, if you have ideas!

Thank you!

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This may seem rude, but I mean it to be helpful: how do you think any of us could help you decide where to go based on the information you've provided?

From London you could take a train or fly to anywhere in Europe. So in answer to your question, "what else would make sense?" the answer is "anything."

Give us some guidance and I'm sure you can get some good suggestions. What are your interests? What do you like to do when you travel? What is your style of travel? What is your budget? How old are you? Are you traveling alone or with others? Of the 17 days, how many of them do you want to spend elsewhere?

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Kind of agree with Lane but will take a stab -- stay in England for a few days, cross to Paris for a couple of more and come home from Amsterdam. With 17 days you are limited in what you can do. Hit your local library and check out guidebooks and travel DVDs.

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Of all the places you have been.. are there any you would go back to.. I mean for instance.. you say you've be too Greece.. which part and how long.. sorry a week in Athens isn't seeing Greece.. same with any other country you mentioned.. Cities like London and Paris can easily take several weeks to see and do all the cool things, many tourists say they've "seen Paris" but then you find out they been there a week.. daytrips from many large cities offer even more choices.

Basically you need to decide what you want.. a museum heavy visit.. mostly hiking and natural beauty.. beach stop.. shopping stops, are you a history buff.. .. whats your thing..

17 days allows for a good visit to 3 different places.. some would cram in a few more.. as we all have different travel styles.

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Seeing London is not getting a good look at England. My husband and I spent three weeks in England in May 2016. We spent some time in London and then traveled the English countryside and saw as much as we could in the time we had. You will get a better feel for England if you go to two or three other places in England while you are there. Scotland would be a good choice for after England. You could easily spend 17 days in England and Scotland. Amsterdam would be a good choice as a third location.

Again, as others have said, we don't know what you are looking for. Museums? Night life? Good hiking trails?