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Connection time Heathrow

I've connected thru Heathrow before (to arrive back in Italy) but I am seeing shorter times between flights. Many of the connections are showing 70 minutes with a maximum of 90 minutes. Yes, I can travel to Italy that is not my question.... but 70 minutes for a BA flight? If I have to change terminals is that feasible? If I don't I think it could be okay if flight is on time. Not a lot of choices. Thanks for any input.

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We had barely an hour last year to catch a flight to MXP at Heathrow and we had to run to make it and we were in business class on both flights. We barely made it and if our first flight had been 10 minutes late we would have missed the flight. Never again for us. I want two hours just in case, or better yet, stop in London for a couple of nights.

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Totally agree. We flew BA from US to LHR and we arrived a little late. We had a 1 hr. connection for our flight to Rome. Because we had to take the tram from our arrival terminal back to the main terminal, and then go through security again, it was most stressful. Especially if security wants to inspect your bag. They are not worried about your next flight. We then literally ran to our gate. When we arrived, there was no one in the sitting area, and the gate person said, "Aw there you are". We thought for a moment we were going to be the only ones on the flight since we didn't see anyone, that is, until we got on the plane and saw it was packed. No place to store our carry-on luggage and no open space convenient to the seats. Ever since we now allow two hours at Heathrow. Even that can be stressful, and we know Heathrow well. Not sure where you are connecting from, but 90 min could possibly be doable depending on where you are coming from. If arriving from the US, you will have to change terminals.

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The minimum connection times for British Airways in Heathrow in normal times are 60 minutes in the same terminal and 90 minutes if a change of terminal is required. Currently though all BA flights are using Terminal 5 so journeys that previously did require a change presently do not. You may not be comfortable with these shorter times but with flights thinned out the next one might be a long wait. If BA arrive late and you have a real connection (not a flight on a separate ticket) they have to look after you and put you on the next available flight.

If both flights use a satellite terminal (B or C) then normally you do not need to return to the main terminal (A) but can clear security in the departure satellite which saves a lot of time. However, this was suspended back in March and I don't know if it has yet been restored. If fit never wait for the transit and walk instead.

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I've only once missed a connection and that was in the US, but for my own peace of mind, I try to find a connection that gives me at least one hour longer than the minimum at my transfer airport. I could still have a problem, but it's much less likely, so I don't really worry about it. I honestly don't know what I'd do if my choices were the bare minimum or 4-5 hours.

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Thanks for the input. I am surprised that is what I am finding but I am sure it is because of the reduced amounts of flight. I think I will look at alternative airports.

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We always seek a minimum of two hours between flights. More for some airports.

We usually fly out of Jacksonville, FLA through Atlanta and always do two hours there.

At Heathrow, try to determine that terminal you will be flying into and out of. Check the airport website and your flight numbers.

If you have to change terminals, find out how you get from one terminal to the other. Also, find out if you have to go through customs or immigration that may take some time.

Airports like JFK in NY, Heathrow and CDG in Paris almost require three hours to be safe. I try to avoid going through JFK at all.