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Connecting Through Heathrow

My wife and I arrive at Terminal 2 at 8:35 AM on an Air Canada flight from Toronto. We are booked through to Belfast all with Air Canada so we will not be concerned about luggage until we pick it up in Belfast. We actually fly on Aer Lingus out of Terminal 2 at 11:10 AM giving us 2 hrs and 35 minutes to make our next flight.

Air Canada assures us that we will have enough time. On the other hand we spent close to 90 minutes at Customs and Passport Control last year.

I don't know how the process is going these days with the increased security.

We would greatly appreciate any assistance from those who have experienced Customs and Passport Control recently.

Bill P.

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We had a very quick easy trip through immigration and customs in Terminal 5 last fall, for whatever that's worth. I expect you'll have enough time for the connection.

But are you sure the UK won't need to clear your bags when you arrive at LHR? Your flight to Belfast will be domestic so you wouldn't expect to go through any formalities there.

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Nothing to worry about; that does not qualify as a tight connection otherwise it is a shame;
the worse that can happen is that you miss the flight and they have to put you on the next one.

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Go to Heathrow Flight Connections and plug in your flight information. It will give you step by step instructions on what you will have to do.

Just remember to go to Flight Connections and not follow the crowd through regular Passport Control.

No one can estimate how long the lines will be but I doubt you will experience anything different than before. I flew into LHR two days ago and the lines weren't bad at all. But I arrived in the evening.