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Concessions pricing in London

I am traveling with a college student and 63 yr. old both could qualify for concession pricing I believe. We are traveling from the US, and have standard US id (college id, passports). Is it necessary to get an ISIC card for the student? I see conflicting information. Will passport suffice for the over 60 pricing? I have found little information on this.

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Way back when I was a student in Europe I always had to show student ID to get the discount. But that was 50 years ago, and things may have changed. But I would go ahead and get the card just in case.

On the other hand, we have never been asked for proof of age when requesting Senior prices in the U.K. And it is not like we look so old; I will immodestly state that people who do not know me assume I am around 55 ( no wrinkles and no grey hair).

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The thing is, as I understand it, "concession prices" are supposed to be for tax paying UK citizens. Maybe Emma from London can enlighten us.

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My experience in England this summer was that I generally received the over-60 (or whatever it is) discount if there was one. Sometimes the folks asked to see my passport; other times, they took my word for it. I'm 66, so I can't blame them for believing me. Some folks will ask you whether you qualify, but others will hesitate to offend by asking, so the onus is on you to enquire.

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When it comes to age concessions for entry it is fairly rare but of course not unknown to be asked for proof. Maybe because it is possible to get a rough idea of someone's age qualification but also because the amount off is usually fairly small. You may even get them offered without asking for them.

Rather different with student discounts as they are often but not always somewhat larger and it isn't possible to make a judgement on sight.

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We were always given the senior concession prices when we asked for them. No one was concerned about our residency adn I guess we looked qualified.

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When we were in England in September, I got concession into places, didn’t have to show any form of id.

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I had to show ID for a concessions price on a bus last year. Nothing could have thrilled me more!