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CNN profile on The Tank Museum

CNN has a nice short video on The Tank Museum in Bovington, Dorset. For any military hardware enthusiast, this place is a must stop, easily the greatest tank collection in the world. It is a bit difficult to get to, but doable by train and taxi.

The video brings out the fact that they have one of the largest YouTube presence of nearly any museum in the world, nearly a third of their annual revenue now comes from YouTube, several Million.

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I went there last year in late October. I did a day trip from Reading via train so it was a long day, especially when I just missed the return train by a few minutes and had to wait an hour for the next one, which then ran at about 1/2 speed most of way home due to storms and flooded tracks - so a very long day.
I took a cab from the train station to the museum and back. The cabbie regularly checks the station, so no need to call from there, but at the museum you have to call. And of course, as I learned in many small towns in England, 3-5 pm is a busy time for cabs as they often operate as the town school bus.
I did the museum in 5 hours - it closes at 5 or so. But really, a whole day is required to properly see it. In retrospect, I should have got an hotel in Weymouth, which is just a few minutes away, the night before, then I could have got to the museum early and had the whole day and then just a short ride back to Weymouth.