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Churchill war rooms

I heard this is located near Westminster abbey! What the difference between Churchill war room and cabinet war rooms?

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Buy tickets in advance! We avoided long lines by doing that.

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Definitely pre purchase tickets.

Churchill War Rooms are just off Parliament Square.

Use Google Maps satellite view and type in Churchill
War Rooms. Zoom in or out to see that within A manageable radius are Parliament, Elizabeth’s Tower
( Big Ben is the bell) all in scaffolding until 2020, Westminster Abbey, across Westminster bridge and the Thames is the the London Eye and up Birdcage Walk thru St James Park, you’ll find Buckingham Palace. Makes for lovely moments of strolling, stopping, visiting and picture taking.

Do the same for the Tower of London buy tickets before going and get there first thing and head off to see the Crown Jewels.

The Tower is fascinating in it own right. Historic.

Visit it then photo ops of Tower Bridge. After walk up to the last glass covered market, Leaden Hall Marketplace. From there you can head off to see the eye candy and food stalls of Brick Lane and Spitafields market.

Again use the brilliance of Google Maps satellite view.

Great city. Enjoy it

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Churchill War Rooms are near the Horse Guard Changing of the Guard, is that correct? And different from the one at Buckingham Palace- there are two, is that right?

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Yes, you can also access the Churchill War Rooms (that seems to be the preferred name now over the Cabinet War Rooms) from Whitehall/Parliament Street, either by going down King Charles Street from Parliament, or through the Horse Guards building from Whitehall, though you would then need to proceed across the Parade to Horse Guards Road and take that a bit to the War Rooms. As for "two" of them, not sure what would be referred to at Buckingham Palace, there is a bunker, but that is more for the Royals and was more post war (fallout shelter) and not open to the public. There is also a second bunker complex elsewhere in London that was set up during WW2 as a back up to the War Rooms, but also not open to the public and not well preserved. If the War rooms are referred to, it is only the one location.

I would also suggest watching the 'Darkest Hour', but also 'Churchill' and to round it out, 'Dunkirk'. The War Rooms now center much more on Churchill's legacy, beyond just the war years.

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I think by "two of them," Carolyn is referring to changing of the guard.

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actually, that was me that asked if there were two Changing of the Guards that could be observed? And if the Horse Guard one (vs Buckingham Palace) is less crowded- it looks near to the Churchill War Rooms- I thought it would sense to see that one, and then go to Churchill.

Just wanted to see if my understanding was correct.