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Chunnel to Paris for the day?

We will be in London for 8 days..wondering if it is worth it to take the chunnel to Paris for the day ( thought my 13 year old would get a kick out of it!) Has anyone done this?

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Lots of people have done it and I think your teen ager would have bragging rights back home. Take the earliest train you can manage and a late one back to London and be aware that France is one hour ahead of the UK. You can probably get 8 hours in Paris, and see quite a bit. Buy Paris metro tickets at St Pancras station. A hop-on/ off bus stops right outside the Gare du Nord.

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i plan my trips so having 8 days in London would have been a piece of cake. I did my stuff in 4 days and then went to Paris via the Eurostar for 4 more days.

you can do it, but if you havent bought your tickets ahead of time, it can cost you.

just so you know its about a 2h20m from station to station.

happy trails.

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Hi Ellen,
Sure, you can do that. You can buy your tickets ahead online ( and get them a lot cheaper than at the station. I believe the Eurostar tickets go on sale 120 days ahead, but I'd have to look that up. You can easily find out by looking at their site. Take the earliest possible train out and the last one back. 2nd class is fine. If you have your day planned, you can see quite a bit -- enough to make you wish you had a lot more time. Both London and Paris are wonderful, but what contrast! I'm not at all sure I'd go for the hop on hop off bus. I personally would concentrate on seeing the 3 or 4 things that are the most iconic to you, and see those, such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triompe, Champs Elysee (that's not spelled right), and Notre Dame. For example, you could take a taxi from the train station (which is Gare du Nord) to Notre Dame. Then you could spend your whole day working your way along the Seine from that area up to the Arc and on to the Eiffel Tower. You can also get a cab along the way if you tire of walking. With walking, your son will get a feel for Paris. Even if the line to get into Notre Dame is very long, it moves very quickly. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower if the lines aren't too long. Just seeing it from the ground is awe inspiring though. You can climb to the top of the Arc. Eat at a sidewalk cafe. Get ice cream and watch the people go by. I think its going to be a day your son will remember a lifetime. There is no place anywhere like Paris. Go with a plan, but don't worry if you don't follow it. Just enjoy being there. Go with some Euros or find a machine quickly so you'll have some cash. Don't worry about having some Euros left over. You'll need them on your next trip to Paris. No one can see Paris and not long to return and return and return. I want to go! (and we just went in June).

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Thank you everyone for your input..I think we will definitely do it after reading all your replies!! If you have any other suggestions ..especially restaurants I would love to hear them. Thank you! Ellen

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You might want to google Euro Rail pass or Rail pass for any county your visiting.

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I have been and all of these are walking distance to each other, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triompe, Champs Elysee (that's not spelled right), and Notre Dame. Check them out on a good map or google Earth. You can see them clearly if you follow the river. Look for the shadow of the Eiffel Tower.

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Thomas, you spelled Champs Elysee right... : )
Definitely worth going Ellen, and if you can manage spending one night that's even better. As Thomas said, you'll want to return. Paris is amazing.