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Christmas lights at Kew Gardens QMG!

I don’t know who told me a couple of months ago on this forum to make sure to see the Kew Garden Christmas lights but thank you! OMG everyone!! We visited last night and to say it exceeded our expectations would be an understatement. We were expecting a wonderful walk with lovely lights through the garden.

This is 3K walk with probably 20 different sophisticated lighting experiences done by clearly theatrical lighting designers. It’s stupendous. The finale at the lake with undulating fountains, lighting dance, projected images, music! Fantastic! Seriously something Hollywood might produce.

All sold out quite rapidly a couple of months ago so again, thank you to whomever gave us the tip and if you’re planning a trip to London during the holidays, make sure to add this to your list.

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Thanks for sharing Andrea. We went in 2019 and it was fantastic, going again on Monday and glad to see it is still amazing.

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did you get to any of the food courts along the way? If so what did you like?

You are right, Andrea, without pictures and catching the feeling it is so hard to describe

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Andrea, you are SO right! And Pam was the one who told ME about it over a year ago. It was amazing! And since Nigel asked….. here’s a link to a few pictures. Believe me, I have more. I’ll leave the album up for a bit but not forever.

I sadly had no food there but I sure thought about it. Unfortunately we had just had afternoon tea at the British Museum and something killed our appetites.🤣🤣

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Aaahhhhhh, you're killing me, Andrea!!! I want to see it so bad!!!

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My sister and I were there last December. I remember turning to my sister and saying, "I feel like we have stumbled into a Hallmark movie." The decorations and lights are so amazing and the atmosphere so festive.

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thanks for the pics TexasTravelmom

Good memories. I don't remember those swings when we went

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What fun! I've had this on my radar for several years yet have not gotten to Europe for a pre-Christmas trip! I'm already planning for next year, lol.

TTM, I love your pictures - I especially love the huge Venus Flytrap, lol!! Cute!!

For anyone that is interested...I suggest signing up for the Kew Gardens newsletter as you will be notified when tickets go on sale. As mentioned, they do sell out so best to get them early.