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Changing Planes Terminal 2 Heathrow

My Air Canada flight has a scheduled arrival at Terminal 2 Heathrow at 06:30. My Aer Lingus flight to Belfast is scheduled for a 09:50 same day departure. Please advise if my assumptions following are correct:
1) Three hours and 20 minutes should be enough time to make my 2nd flight.
2) Since I booked through Air Canada my luggage should be checked through to Belfast.
3) I will clear immigration at Heathrow and not at Belfast.
Now my questions please:
1) Will it be relatively easy to find the Aer Lingus departure gate in Terminal 2?
2) Will I have to go through security again before boarding the Belfast flight?
3) Will Northern Ireland businesses readily accept English £ as well as the Ulster £? Technically they are supposed to but...?

Thanks for your help
Bill P.

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1) Yes
2) Yes - if on one ticket
3) Yes. Your checked bags will clear customs in Belfast.

1) Yes
2) Yes - you will also have your photo taken
3) Yes (there is no such thing as an 'Ulster £' - the notes issued by the local banks are £ sterling)

Well these are the short answers ....

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Terminal 2 and Aer Lingus were very user friendly for our trip last summer. With that time frame, you should have plenty of time and there is some nice shopping in the ternary. Just remember, the gate won't be posted early, so keep an eye on the reader board.