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Changing airports.

I am trying to figure out my best options. I am flying from SEA to LHR and then catching a flight to Prague. This save me 1000 at least.

However the only option leaving from Lhr was not leaving till 830 pm and I really don’t want to get to Prague that late at night. I am staying in an airbnb.

I should land at Lhr at 9:50 am on Virgin.

These were my options:

4:20 pm easyJet Luton
6:20 pm easyJet Gatwick

6:40 pm Ryanair Stansted. (Cheapest due to sale)

What makes most sense? I know there in the National Expeess. I am solo too.


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When is this trip? As far as I can see there are usually several daily flights from Heathrow to Prague, including a 14:00 (13:30 on some days) departure that might work for you.

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June 19th. I have looked. The only one I am seeing is an 8:35 pm or ones with long layovers that get me in late anyways
The one earlier is like 600 usd 1 way

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Prices out of LHR are crazy high!

I think I would be inclined to book the EasyJet flight leaving Luton at 4:20 - 7:20 PM. The. National Express bus leaves T3 at 12:20 arriving at 13:20 or 14:00 - 15:10. The bus is very easy and safe.

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I would want to be on the 12.20 at the very latest. The 14.00 is planned to take 70 minutes. I just checked on Google Maps at 12.30 UK time and it suggested 80 minutes for a car. As it is that bus only gives you 70 minutes to get through Stansted. It's ages since I last flew from STN but all the noise I hear is how exceptionally busy it can be. Mid afternoon will be quieter than early morning but I would still want at least 2 hours and preferably more. The route round the M25 and M11 is uses Europe's busiest roads so the journey can very easily take much longer than the scheduled time.

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Johnnew52 The Stansted flights leaves later than the Luton Flight to Prague and I think the OP wanted to arrive in daylight as she is a solo traveler. That is why I suggested the Luton flight.

But, when I checked the times from LHR to LTN on the National Express Website I also thought they looked a little optimistic considering the traffic conditions around London. I have not been through Luton for a long time now, but I have been through Stansted twice recently and it is busy anytime night or day, and yes the M25 can be a stop-and-start nightmare.

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Thank you.

I do prefer do arrive earlier than later if at all possible. 8:30 flight from LHR does not even arrive till 11:15 pm../ that is a definitely no. The 9:00 hour is not ideal being alone, but if it’s the only option, then it’s not the end all;)

There is a flight from a Lhr that gets in at 9:45 as it involves a 2 hour layover in Paris.

Is it reasonable to make that Luton Flight or is it way too optimistic?

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Just be aware easyjet close boarding 30 minutes prior to departure

The 5+ hours should be enough time, but there is always the chance some (unpredictable) ) random bad happens that could derail your plans.

Not an unreasonable risk to take. Worst case is you spend the night in London and fly the next day. You would still have used less than half your $1000 savings you say you capture by doing separate tickets