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Changing Advance Tickets on LNER and Northern Rail

You can now change Advance Tickets on LNER and Northern Rail, up to 10 minutes before departure of your booked service, on Seat Frog.
Clearly it's for a fee, but better than just losing your ticket.
This is official, as I was informed about this today by e-mail from Northern.

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Good to know, thanks!!!

Quick question for you. 😊

In May, I will be flying into Edinburgh and will head right to Waverley to take a train to York. I was going to wait to purchase my ticket once I’m at the train station as I won’t know ahead of time what time to book. Is that still the best thing to do? Or does having the option now to change tickets mean I should purchase an advance ticket and change later if needed? Thanks!!!!

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That is an unknown quantity- someone needs to test the system and report back.

My thought is, to go on to the LNER website as soon as you walk into the airport off the plane, and book then.
I am writing this at 6.52 pm. I can see a normal advance fare EDI- York still on offer for the 7.11 pm train tonight for just £42.50, and can see advance fares for the 2100 of £55 standard class, £54 first class (yes, I've typed that correctly).
The £42.50 ticket in 19 minutes time is barely more than one for 4 or even 8 weeks time.

It depends how much you want to play the wheel at Vegas, and hopefully find that kind of last minute deal yourself.

Or try buying an advance the normal way and seat frog if needed on your way into the city,

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Thanks!!! I am not really concerned about price. I worry more about having a seat. Even though I know trains don’t “sell out” I still like the comfort of knowing I have a seat. I’ll try not to worry about it and just get a ticket after I land as originally planned.

P.S. I leave for Italy in 2 days and think I have increased anxiety on all things travel related at the moment.